Campus Beautiful
Shaping the Aesthetic Identity of Iowa State University

ISBN: 978-0-9798111-7-3
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Over a decade in the making, the Campus Beautiful publication presents a strikingly illustrated overview of the origins and development of Iowa State's campus landscape, architecture, and public art collection from 1858 to present. Learn about the transformation from prairie to university campus in essays authored by noted landscape, architecture and art historians, and campus leaders-brought to life through inspiring historical and contemporary photographs and maps. This is Iowa State's most comprehensive history exploring the evolution of the beautiful campus that many grew to know and love while attending Iowa State University.

Thoughtful in-depth scholarly essays by: Jason Alread, Lea Rosson DeLong, Mark C. Engelbrecht, Warren R. Madden, Paula A. Mohr, Jodi O'Donnell, Lynette L. Pohlman, Wesley I. Shank, and Richard Guy Wilson. Additional contributions by: Douglas Biggs, Allison H. Sheridan, C. Arthur Croyle, Gary L. Hightshoe, Steve Stimmel, Kathy Svec, Neal Bowers, Clare Cardinal-Pett, Michael Carey, Robert Lindemeyer, Katherine Greder, Phyllis J. Lepke, Olivia M. A. Madison, Mark North, Carole Custer, Kerry Dixon, Carol Grant, Bill Graves, Lori Jacobson, Teresa McLaughlin, Mary Petersen, Norman Riis, JaneAnn Stout, Mary Swander, and Wendy Wintersteen, with a special message by Steven Leath, President of Iowa State University.

480 pages, over 400 images, full color, hardcover, 10" x 12"., © 2015

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