Mama: Root, Hog or Die

Barbara Oehlbeck

ISBN: 978-0-912451-59-6
Order Number: GOV901
Price: $27.95

Like Mama, like daughter. Both strong and stubborn. Both as constant as each day's rising sun. In this touching tribute, it's sometimes difficult to tell which character is really "Mama" back then, and which one is Youngest Daughter". This is a book of compelling word portraits of a courageous, capable and determined woman of mountain origin, who lived and tacklead a man-dominated world and didn't give ahoot what others thought. There was no pretense about MAMA. The word held no meaning for here except as an expression in fairy tales for children. MAMA "speaks" to all of us through these ageless and poignant narrative essays, true-to-life "cameo" recollections of her "Youngest Daughter."

6.25" x 9.25", 360 pages, jacketed hardcover, illustrations throughout.



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