The Living Dock

Jack Rudloe

ISBN: 978-0-8200-1206-3
Order Number: GO063
Price: $14.95

Sometimes, a dock isn't just a dock, it's a habitat. In the tiny fishing community of Panacea, the author's floating dock nurtures an abundance of marine life. Crabs, worms, mollusks and algae make their home there, feeding fish and other creatures higher up the food chain. These also feed author Jack Rudloe's business, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab, which supplies specimens to research and teaching institutions: marine fauna from his dock, fo nearby mud flats and beaches, and netted offshore from his little shrimp boat Penaeus.

This entertaining and educational book looks at the life histories of some of these creatures and recounts Rudloe's experiences in collecting them, in the process examining man's relationship with the natural world.

246 pages, 6" x 9", paperbound



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