John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist

ISBN: 978-0-86571-605-6
Order Number: NCC9210
Price: $17.95

This accessible and inspiring guide includes profiles of successful ecopreneurs and provides an in-depth exploration of:

· Eco-business basics
· Purposeful management
· Marketing in the green economy
· Running a lifestyle business

Ecopreneuring shows how we can earn our daily bread on a local or regional level while saving money, strengthening the economy, and helping restore the planet to ecological health and social stability.

Part small business manifesto, part personal finance primer, Ecopreneuring is essential reading for small business owners, prospective entrepreneurs, and anyone who dreams of a livelihood based on independence, creativity, passion, and a commitment to green practices and sustainability

224 pages, 2008, 6" x 9", paperbound


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