Effective Practices in Starting Co-ops
The Voice of Canadian Co-op Developers

Joy Emmanuel & Lyn Cayo

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What factors contribute to the success of new co-ops? What factors hinder their growth? What effective solutions can help address these challenges and lead to positive outcomes?

Effective Practices in Starting Co-operatives - The Voice of Canadian Co-op Developers
provides insights and practical suggestions on these critical questions, as well as many other aspects of co-op development. Canada has a rich treasury of experienced co-operative developers whose insights and advice has helped many people start co-operatives in order to meet their economic and social needs. This volume contains a collection of essays written by co-op developers/facilitators and passages from interviews with developers across Canada and co-op development experts from Québec. Developers on Developing is an effort to document effective practices for developing new co-operatives under diverse conditions in Canada.

The accompanying video provides thematic excerpts from a round table discussion with developers on challenges and critical issues in starting co-ops. The DVD can be a useful tool for workshops and training session on co-op education.

Section headings
· Guideposts for the Journey
· Financing Co-ops
· Working Together to Make Co-ops Work
· Collaborative Strategies for Addressing Certain Needs
· Co-operating into the Future
· Case Studies and Tools

497 pages, 2008, 6" x 9", paperbound


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