Joseph R. Brown
Adventurer on the Minnesota Frontier 1820-1849

Robert & Nancy Goodman

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Adventurer in reference to Joseph Renshaw Brown, includes careers as soldier, fur trader, entrepreneur, lumberman, founder of cities, politician, speculator, legislator, editor, Indian agent, Minnesota promoter, opportunist and optimist. He was there when Minnesota was the roaring frontier. He often found himself 200 miles from the law, a newspaper on the road. He was praised, denounced, investigated, applauded, threatened and shot at.

This book is a chronicle of life, free enterprise and politics on the frontier a lively, dangerous and different frontier. This story is not only about hard-won successes, whose monuments still stand, but of hard-lost failures that left little trace.

About the Author
Robert and Nancy Goodman have been tracking Joseph R. Brown for twenty years or more. They haven't cauht up yet, but think they can now see him more clearly. When not on the trail, they live in Stillwater, Minnesota, with Bernie the cat and Bailey the horse. They are both active in the Washington County Minnesota Historical Society and the Joseph R. Brown Heritage Society of Henderson, Minnesota.

346 pages, 1996, 6" x 9", hardcover

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