Co-operatives and
the Pursuit of Peace

Ian MacPherson & Joy Emmanuel

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"Peace and social well being are not only relevant to cooperatives but co-operatives are relevant to the peace making process in communities and societies throughout the world."

This was part of the message delivered in the closing address by Dr. Yehudah Paz at the Co-operatives and the Pursuit of Peace conference, June 2006.
For three days 38 co-op participants representing 16 different countries met in Victoria, British Columbia to review the historical record of how co-operatives have addressed conflict and to reflect on current practices of co-operatives operating in areas deeply divided by political, economic, and social injustices.

The present volume is a collection of essays presented at the conference as well as additional papers by co-op studies experts. Contributors share their experience, knowledge and insights on the challenges co-operatives must meet in addressing an array of conflict situations, and how the co-ops and regional co-operative movements are responding and contributing to peace making and sustainable development.

Section headings:
· Peace and Co-operatives: Exploring the Record
· Gender, Co-ops and Peace
· Co-ops and Peace: Experiences in South America
· Co-ops and Peace: Lessons from Asia
· Co-operating out of Poverty: Insights from Africa
· Co-ops and Peace in Reconstruction Periods
· Peace Building: Theory and Community Mobilization

383 pages, 2007, 6" x 9", paperbound

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