R.D. Offutt
Success & Significance

Hiram M. Drache

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This book is about Ronald D. Offutt, Jr., a farm boy whose father was a visionary but had difficulty implementing management skills. Fortunately, he excelled in potato marketing. Ronnie had devout and caring parents who instilled their son with a positive attitude. Ronnie realized from an early age that he wanted to be a potato farmer.

He worked his way through college but, like many other entrepreneurs and outstanding leaders in society, it never occurred to him that doing so was supposed to be a handicap. To him it was an opportunity for a better life.
Upon graduation he declined an offer to work for his father; he wanted to be a partner. The thought overwhelmed his parents, but they agreed on the condition that he sign a note to them for one-half of their net worth and co-sign all their financial obligations.

Starting with a negative net worth and without any master plan or vision of creating an agricultural empire, Ronnie,
who had great people skills and excelled in developing partnerships, accomplished the story unveiled in the pages
of this book. He has realized both success and significance.

ISBN: 978-0-913163-48-1, 280 pages, 2013, 6" x 9", Jacketed-Hardcover,
B&W with photos and maps

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