Color My Career Book

Developed by Berrien County Intermediate School District

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What am I going to be when I grow up? This coloring book helped teachers and parents explore careers with elementary school children.

Thirty-one careers are presented through the question, "Who am I?" Because this coloring book is horizontally bound and printed on heavy paper, it has a unique look and feel. Developed by Berrien County Intermediate School District's Education for Employment Partnership, this book is in its second edition and has been classroom tested extensively throughout the state of Michigan.

Included careers...
Artist, Astronaut, Athlete, Beautician, Camera Operator, Clown, Cowhand, Deep Sea Diver, Dentist, Designer, Doctor, Farmer, Firefighter, Fisher, Jockey, Judge, Lift Truck Operator, Locomotive Engineer, Mechanic, Meteorologist, Minister, Paratrooper, Pilot, Police Officer, Scientist, Teacher, Veterinarian, Waiter, Writer, Zookeeper, Zoologist.

64 pages, 1997, softcover

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