Creating Abundance
Visionary Entrepreneurs of Agriculture

Hiram M. Drache

ISBN: 978-0-8134-3208-3
Order Number: DRA3208
Price: $29.95

In the book's forward, Ray Goldberg, Moffett Professor of Agriculture and Business emeritus, Harvard University, writes, "It is impossible to do justice to the unique contribution of the entrepreneurs of agriculture whose accomplishments Dr. Drache recounts in Creating Abundance. These leaders, together with their extended families, are continuing to change the structure of the U.S. agribusiness system from genetic inputs to sophisticated, healthy, and nutritious food products to the development of functional food, nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, fiber, and energy."

"As did the vision before them, these entrepreneurs of the new century are providing ways to assure the consumer of consistency, quality, and safety using expertise that can trace animals and crops from the gene to the final product…(they) keep the U.S. agribusiness/agriceutical system competitive in a global marketplace."

408 pages, 6" x 9", 2001, hardcover

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