Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths

Bruce Ingram

ISBN: 978-1-893272-09-5
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Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths is a motivating and informative guide for nature lovers of all kinds. The book delves into river smallmouth fishing, thrilling family-friendly river hobbies, and ways everyone can protect the health of our waterways.

On fishing river smallmouth bass, outdoors expert Bruce Ingram gives thorough, easy-to-use tips, including:
-lures, flies and strategies that best fool smallmouths
-times and places to find active bass
-types of cover where smallmouths love to hang out
-numerous fishing myths debunked
-pointers for both cold and warm season bass fishing
-the most successful patterns and when to use each one

Fly and Spin Fishing for River Smallmouths gives helpful tips to facilitate exciting outdoor activities, from canoeing and bird watching to river camping and introducing children to the outdoors.

This book also leads landowners, farmers, and adventurers in their efforts to protect and preserve our nation's waterways. From conservation easements to "blueways," the author describes profitable and environmentally-enlightened government conservation programs.

For the sake of outdoor activities like smallmouth bass fishing, the health of our nation's rivers is paramount. Everyone who loves the wilderness can help protect these resources while enjoying a river camping expedition, glimpsing a rare bird, or catching trophy smallmouths.

About the Author
Freelance writer/photographer Bruce Ingram has published over 1,600 articles and over 1,700 photos in various magazines like Outdoor Life, Virginia Game and Fish, and Virginia Wildlife. He focuses on fishing, hunting, canoeing, bird watching and conservation issues. He has also authored The New River Guide and The James River Guide. Bruce is a high school English teacher and lives in Fincastle, Virginia, with his wife and two children.

192 pages, 2008, 6" x 9", paperbound

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