Pioneer Plowmaker
A Story About John Deere

David R. Collins

ISBN: 0-913163-32-5
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"The soil may be rich, but we can't pull a plow through it," farmers complained in the mid-1800's. The moist soil of the Midwest stopped any plow they used by sticking to the blade. The farmers thought a plow that could clean itself just couldn't be made.

John Deere, the young blacksmith had not let impossibility and disaster stop him before, and he wasn't about to now. Deere built a self-scouring plow, and with this small start, he founded the famous farm implement company - Deere & Company.

In a lively and accurate text, biographer David R. Collins presents this hardworking, idealistic man whose steel plow opened up some of the world's richest farmland. Steve Michael's dramatic illustrations enliven a life story sure to inspire any reader.

64 pages, 1990, paperbound

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