Power Tool Safety
and Operation
Student Manual

ISBN: 978-091316330-6
Order Number: 173
Price: $10.45 each, $8.36 (10 or more)

This manual features the safety and operation of thirty popular woodworking, metalworking, and metals and welding power tools. The areas covered on each power tool include parts indentificaiton, safe operational procedures, general safety practices, and ten completion questions. This manual was developed by two college mechanics professors with more than sixty years combined shop experience at the high school and college level. In addition, these materials were tested in a college research program with positive results.

126 pages, 30 illustrations, 1998, paperback

Teacher's Answer Key
Order #: 173TK
Price: $2.75

Answers to questions on each tool presented in the Student Manual.

Instructor's Packet
Order #: 273
Price: $38.50

This packet includes one Student Manual, #173; One Teacher’s Answer Key, #173TK; Suggested Teacher & Student Activities over the 30 tools; 30 Safety Exams, #631; & 30 Transparency Masters, #373.

Transparency Master's
Order #: 373TM
Price: $10.00

Set of 30 Masters: The 30 power tools covered in the student manual, #173, were made into transparency masters. The parts of the 30 tools are given in large letters for easy reading from the projector screen.

Order #: 631
Price: $28.35

Set of 30 Exams: These thirty safety exam masters were developed to be used with #173. Each exam on one power tool contains fifteen questions answered safe and unsafe and can be duplicated for student use.


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