Reef Rescue

India Evans

ISBN: 978-1-893272-13-2
Order Number: ECO-132
Price: $14.95

Ride along with 13-year-old eco-warrior Julie Leeds and her futuristic car Jett as they race to the Florida Keys to help save the endangered coral reefs.

While spending the summer in Key West, also known as the “Island of Bones,” Julie and Jett discover why the coral reefs are dying. But not everyone wants the reefs to be saved, and Julie soon faces a series of threats, a spy ring, high-speed chases, and deep-sea kidnap attempts.

From close encounters with deadly sharks, shipwrecks, and buried treasure, to menacing messages and ruthless treasure hunters, Julie’s summer is a harrowing thrill ride that leads her to an infamous fort, where she learns of her own family’s connection to a long-forgotten secret.

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About the Author:
After studying journalism in college and working in marketing, India Evans decided to focus on environmental education, pursuing her dream of writing an eco-adventure series. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three cats and is a nature photographer, poet, and environmental awareness advocate. To learn more, visit

232 pages, 2009, 5" x 8", paperbound


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