Small Gasoline Engines
Operation, Repair, & Maintenance
Student Manual

ISBN: 978-0-913163-26-9
Order Number: 473
Price: $12.95 each, $10.35 (10 or more)

This manual contains small engine technology including CDI solid-state ignition, automatic chokes, no choke carburetors, and fuel pump carburetor systems. Classroom and Laboratory Exercises have been completely revised and expanded. Special emphasis related to small engine overhaul and repair has been designed into all laboratory exercises to make your small engine instructional unit more complete. Procedures for ordering small engine parts for repair have been covered throughout the total manual. The Appendix contains Safety Exam, Parts Order Form, English/Metric Equivalent Charts, Engine-Matics & Hydra-Matics Formulas and Engine Overhaul Worksheets.

176 pages, 1992, paperback

Teacher's Answer Key
Order #: 473TK
Price: $2.75
Answers to questions presented in the Student Manual.

Student Job Sheets
Order #: 383
Price: $17.95

This instructional packet includes 36 job sheets on small engines beginning with engine identification & specifications to torquing, disassembly, measuring all basic systems & ending with reassembly troubleshooting & tool identification.

Transparency Master's
Order #: 780TM
Price: $15.75

Set of 76 Masters: May be used for making transparencies for overhead projection or direct viewing by small groups or individual students. Topics include Compression, Ignition, Carburetion, Maintenance, and General Information on small engines.

Small Gas Engine Worksheets
Order #: 670
Price: $18.90

Set of 20 Worksheets: May be duplicated for student use and include Part ID, Proce-dures, Materials Needed, Skills Taught, and Evalua-tion. These worksheets were developed to be used with #473.

Overhauling Valves
Order #: 886
Price: $5.65
Set of Six Worksheets: Developed to teach the over-hauling of small engine valves. They may be dupli-cated for student use and each works-heet includes Part ID, Proce-dures, Skills Taught, Materials Needed, and Evaluation.

Overhauling the Piston, Rings, Cylinders & Rod Worksheets
Order #: 568
Price: $5.65
Set of Six Worksheets: May be duplicated for students to assist instruction of small gasoline engine units. Each worksheet includes Part ID, Procedures, Skills Taught, Materials, and Evaluation.

Complete Set of #670, #886, & #568 Worksheets
Order#: HWSM-SGE
Price: $34.95

Contains one of each of the worksheet sets in a tabbed three-ring notebook.


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