The Trinity Alps Companion
Hiking Trails and Fishing Tales in
the California Wilderness, 2E

Wayne F. Moss

ISBN: 978-1-893272-12-5
Order Number: ECO-125
Price: $21.95

Whether you seek mountaintops, solitude, or golden trout, the Trinity Alps have it all! Wayne Moss spent more than fifty years hiking, fishing, and climbing throughout the Trinities and here he relates his experiences and recommendations, along with curious historical facts, anecdotes, and the occasional ghost story.

This updated edition of the best-seller The Trinity Alps Companion will help readers enjoy this spectacular wilderness. Each mountain, lake, creek, and trail is described, including access points and trails, difficulty of terrain, identifiable traits to aid navigation, and fishing tips, as well as a portrait of the Alps’ social history. Sprinkled between the trees and vistas of this book are entertaining stories of old miners, pioneers, explorers, peak baggers, and even Bigfoot.

About the Author:
Wayne F. Moss taught at an elementary school in Weaverville, CA, for many years before earning a master’s degree and becoming a school administrator for the Trinity County Office of Education. His enduring love for hiking, climbing, and exploring all wilderness—especially his treasured Trinity Alps and Teton Valley—grew with each passing year. He wrote three books and numerous articles about the Alps and Teton Basin, always fascinated with their history and beauty.

320 pages, 2009, 6" x 9", paperbound

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