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Wilderness Canoe Tripping
Includes excursions in Canada and northern America

Bill Hosford

ISBN: 978-1-893272-14-9
Order Number: ECO-149

A book for both new and experienced explorers, Wilderness Canoe Tripping will help you make the most of any canoeing adventure. Beginning with the basics—gear and food lists, tips on packing and choosing your team—the book then turns to the nitty-gritty of a canoe trip, in all its mathematical glory. Written by an engineering professor, this book explains the quantitative nature of a wilderness trip, from weather patterns and water currents to calorie intake and canoe specs. And for the non-numerically-oriented, all the information is illustrated and accessibly summarized as well.

Wilderness canoe tripping is a unique way to find your way to true wilderness, to forests, hills, and valleys without well-worn pathways and tourist services around the corner. A canoe helps you reach otherwise inaccessible places. And when you find yourself miles from civilization, among your buddies, canoe, and tent, life feels softer, more precious. Author Bill Hosford’s own watercolors illustrate this handy guide. Bring this book to steer the way on your canoeing forays, and experience the wilderness few people ever see.

These are a few examples of Bill Hosford's watercolor paintings
that appear in Wilderness Canoe Tripping

About the Author:
Author Bill Hosford is a retired professor of Materials Science at the University of Michigan. He has published seven textbooks on mechanical behavior of solids and materials science. Although trained as an engineer and having taught engineering for over 45 years, his non-academic passions are canoe camping and watercolor painting. He has paddled over 6,000 miles of wilderness rivers in Canada. He and his wife of 51 years have four children.

192 pages, 2009, 6" x 8", paperbound

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